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• Aarne Norberg is an experienced filmmaker, director, writer and producer.
• Member of Directors Guild of Finland.
• Master of Science degree in Technology.
• He is currently writing a feature film script about the long shadows of war.


After extensive and wide-ranging work in the film industry Aarne is now focusing on feature films and documentaries as a director and a screenwriter.
Most recently Aarne directed the short film
Cyklisten – Pyörämies aka The Bicycle Man.
TV Premier in Finland was on Yle FEM in Thursday 10th May 2018. TV guide.

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I'm a father of four children living in a reconstituted family. Our youngest daughter, Solveig, was born in January 2015. Two kids study at the Tampere Rudolf Steiner School. And the oldest daughter writes her own songs and works as early childhood educator in Helsinki.



Filmmaker Aarne Norberg was born on July 1959 in the small town of Sodankylä in Finnish Lapland. The son of a farmer, he began studies in electrical engineering at the University of Oulu, but soon ended up managing a student film club and directing his first short films "Electronic Brain Damage" (1984) and "Jahti" aka Chase (1988).

Norberg rejected a career in technology to attend the YLE Radio and Television Institute (1988-1989) where he studied filmmaking under the guidance of the Polish film director Krzysztof Kieślowski and the Swedish screenwriter Ola Olsson. Subsequently he wrote and directed TV miniseries "Uusille urille" aka New Careers (1991). In the '90s he produced and directed hundreds of TV commercials and corporate videos at the MTV Oy.

In the second stage of his career, Norberg lectured at fifteen film and media schools giving classes on filmmaking. Then he landed his next role as the executive director of the Villilä Studios. There he developed and built up a new regional film production centre in the Nakkila municipality at then West Coast of Finland. During his tenure, from 2003 to 2007, he participated in co-production and co-financing of seven completed feature films and one TV movie (uncredited).

Finally, after several years of work as an executive producer in stereoscopic 3D film production, consulting in the film industries development project and deepening his skills in filmmaking, Norberg has now come back to his original ambition of directing.

Most recently Norberg directed the short film "Cyklisten – Pyörämies" aka The Bicycle Man (2014).

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Aarne Norberg has pursued challenging tasks in the film industry at various creative and executive positions. He has worked as a producer, director, scriptwriter, production manager, lecturer, developer and adviser. He is now focusing on feature films and documentaries as a director and a screenwriter.
• • •
Aarne has also served as a board member of Rudolf Steiner Schools both in Helsinki and in Tampere, along with a green cultural society Vastedes ry. Most recently he served as chairman of the board of Tampere Rudolf Steiner School.



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